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Bright Stripes launched

news/bright-stripes-launched | posted: 17.03.08

BRIGHT STRIPES, a new luminaire developped in collaboration with BURRI public elements AG has been launched.

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Link /
Serial / Bright Stripes

On the shortlist at "Lights of the future"

news/shortlist-lights-future | posted: 11.02.08

NIGHTSHADE is one of the finalists at the LIGHTS OF THE FUTURE 2008 COMPETITION at the light+building fair Frankfurt. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Link /
Serial / Nightshade

Do it yourshelf on display

news/do-it-yourshelf-display | posted: 11.01.08

DO IT YOURSHELF is shown at the exhibition "Case Study 08" during IMM Cologne. 14. - 20. of January 2008, Messeboulevard Nord.

Link /
file / casestudy08.pdf
Serial / Do it yourshelf
Exhibition / Case Study 08

NapfNapf available now

news/napfnapf-available-now | posted: 20.12.07

NapfNapf child's plate holder for Kidsmodern is making sure that the food ends up in the child's stomach and not on the floor.

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Serial / Napfnapf

RÖ presents Duo

news/r-presents-duo | posted: 02.09.07

Presentation of the new DUO shelf for the 8th edition of Röthlisberger Kollektion during the factory event at the Röthlisberger Schreinerei AG. We hope to meet you at that occasion from 07. - 09.09.07 in Gümligen.

Serial / Duo

Revamped Meeting Room

news/revamped-meeting-room | posted: 26.07.07

The reorganisation of the Studio Karrer's meeting room is completed.

Who / Team

New product out: Nightshade

news/new-product-out-nightshade | posted: 25.05.07

Swiss company Burri Public Elements commissioned us to develop a new reflector for their outdoor luminaire Public Light System.
The result is NIGHTSHADE. Thanks to the newly developed principle of controlling the light, NIGHTSHADE minimizes light contamination and achieves a high efficiency as well as a targeted light distribution. And last but not least NIGHTSHADE gives the luminaire it's distinctive appearance.

Link /
Serial / Nightshade

1000 Nails / 1000 Cords workshop at Boisbuchet

news/1000-nails-1000-cords-workshop-boisbuchet | posted: 24.05.07

The Vitra summer workshop, hold from 13 - 19.05.07 in Boisbuchet, was a great experience and a real adventure.
Thanks to all participants and to the crew!

Link /
Know-how transfer / "1000 nails/1000 cords"

Avverati at the Milan fair

news/avverati-milan-fair | posted: 24.04.07

SPIRA, BANTAM and ROTOR were on show at the avverati - a dream come true exhibition during the International Furniture Fair in Milan. You can find those projects as well in the book edited for this occasion. Avverati - a dream come true, Fondazione Cosmit Eventi

Serial / Spira
Serial / Rotor
Serial / Bantam

Architonicguide displays

news/architonicguide-displays | posted: 15.02.07

We made the new design for the displays of the architonic guides at the imm cologne 2007.

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