design/unique/groove | posted: 19.12.07

The basic idea of GROOVE table is to enhance the structural integrity of Corian by constructing a tabletop molded out of two sheets. The base sheet is thermoformed in a specific way to achieve the required structural strength within the base sheet itself. The resulting structural groove serves a dual purpose, giving the composite tabletop the required stability and allowing the table legs to be folded away neatly for transport and storage. The two sheets bonded together form an extremely stiff and lightweight tabletop with the following advantages: saving in material, easy handling, minimal transportation and storage volume. The resultant solution of our research is a tabletop made entirely out of Corian without requiring any additional construction for structural support.

In collaboration with: Corian / du Pont, Studer Handels AG, Schreinerei Baumgartner

Team: Beat Karrer, Gabriela Chicherio

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Research&Development / Thermoformed tabletop
Award / 2007
Award / 2006
Exhibitions / Materialica Design Show
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