Wild Materials at SCIN gallery London

who/exhibitions/wild-materials-scin-gallery-london | posted: 20.01.14

The scin gallery in London, exhibition space of the UK's largest independent materials library and resource, rediscovered the SUBSTANCE bowl project. The group exhibition shows the most unusual innovation in materials.

Link / scin.co.uk
Unique / substance

DETAIL research lab

who/exhibitions/detail-research-lab | posted: 16.09.15

The DETAIL research lab showed how R&D can become concrete. FluidSolids has been one of the featured materials exhibited at the international congress center during BAU 2015 in Munich. Photo: Julian Weininger

Link / www.detail.de
Link / www.fluidsolids.com
Research & Development / FluidSolids®

Swiss Design Kaleidoscope in Shanghai

who/exhibitions/swiss-design-kaleidoscope-shanghai | posted: 20.01.14

The Young Swiss Design Kaleidoscope took his next stop in Shanghai.

October 19th to November 3rd, 2013
Venue | Gallery at K11 Art Foundation
Unit 403, 4/F, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Huangpi Nan Lu, Shanghai 200041

Link / www.swissnexchina.org

Swiss Design Kaleidoscope Beijing 2013

who/exhibitions/swiss-design-kaleidoscope-beijing-2013 | posted: 22.10.13

The biodegradable composite material FluidSolids® we developed together with FluidSolids® corporation will be on display during the Beijing Design Week from 26.09 - 03.10.2013.
The exhibition called "Swiss Design Kaleidoscope", organized by Designpreis Schweiz, showcases 27 actual positions of Swiss Design - communication, product, fashion and research. The presentation is aimed to foster the international and professional exchange with the visitors of the Beijing Design Week and thus make a contribution to the design discourse. At the focus stand the authors behind the projects and products, every position presented tells its own story of history, references, know-how and excellence.

Link / www.bjdw.org
Link / www.designpreis.ch
Link / www.fluidsolids.com
Research & Development / FluidSolids

Skopje Design Week 2013

who/exhibitions/skopje-design-week-2013 | posted: 22.10.13

In order to get closer encounter with the Swiss design Skopje Design Week in cooperation with Culturescapes, Swiss Embassy in Skopje, Air Pristina, Roche and Netcetera has invited 8 product, graphic and fashion designers and studios from Switzerland to present their most recent achievement in Skopje.

The installation PROJECTED SPACE by Beat Karrer shows two different approaches to design: product design and material design. The exhibition gives an insight into the development of the material FluidSolids and shows an installation made with some elements of the Architonic Concept Space IV - illuminated by a bunch of SPIN lamps by TossB.

Link / ministryofpleasure.net
Link / www.fluidsolids.com
Link / www.architonic.com
Link / www.tossb.com
Serial / Spin
Research & Development / FluidSolids
Unique / Architonic Concept Space

Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab

who/exhibitions/making-ideas-experiments-design-glasslab | posted: 19.05.12

Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab showcases the Museum’s signature design program, GlassLab, in which designers are invited to work with hot glass. The exhibition features over 150 design prototypes by nearly 50 international designers.

The Corning Museum of Glass Changing Exhibitions Gallery

May 19, 2012–January 6, 2013

Link / www.cmog.org
Unique / GlassLab

Montenapoleone Design Experience

who/exhibitions/montenapoleone-design-experience | posted: 03.06.11

During the Milan furniture fair this event turned the Via Monte Napoleone into an open-air museum showing works of international designers. SPIRA occasional tables we have designed for Tossa is one of the exhibits that will be on display downtown Milan from April 11th to 17th.

Link / www.tossa.ch
Link / www.cosmit.it
Serial / Spira
News / Spira at Via Montenapoleone

The Zero Carbon International Design Exhibition

who/exhibitions/zero-carbon-international-design-exhibition | posted: 08.10.10

This exhibition, which takes place from 10th to the 30th of October, aims to showcast innovative and holistic solutions to Zero Carbon Urbanism. The ZEDpavilion houses exhibitions all based on the themes of Better City, Better Life.

Link / www.burriag.ch
Link / www.designerslabel.com
Link / www.dongdao.net/en/
Link / www.zedfactory.com/
Link / en.expo2010.cn/
Serial / Nightshade
Serial / Do-it-yourshelf

"Swiss Furniture and Interiors"

who/exhibitions/swiss-furniture-and-interiors | posted: 08.09.10

The exhibition presents interiors and furniture from the museum’s own collection. At its core are the reconstructed period rooms that helped establish the museum’s international reputation. Swiss furniture from the 20th century is on display in the spaces in front of the rooms.

Link / www.nationalmuseum.ch
Link / www.roethlisberger.ch
Serial / Duo
News / Duo-swiss-national-museum

Delta Awards '09

who/exhibitions/delta-awards-09 | posted: 13.01.10

The Delta Awards offers designers and companies engaged in industrial design in Spain an effective means of promotion, professional distinction and a valuable platform for public recognition. The selected products of the Delta Awards are shown in an exhibition held by the FAD.

Link / www.adifad.org
Link / www.roethlisberger.ch
Link / www.offecct.se
Serial / Duo
Serial / Spinnaker
News / duo and spinnaker in barcelona

Design Deutschland

who/exhibitions/design-deutschland | posted: 01.10.08

The German Design Council, the Neue Sammlung, Munich, and the Neues Museum Nuremberg present the exhibition Design Deutschland: case study 08 from July 25 through October 5, 2008. It offers a thematically arranged cross-section of current and classic designs by German designers and companies from various sector

Link / www.german-design-council.de
Link / Neues Museum Nürnberg
Serial / Do It Yourshelf

Case Study 08

who/exhibitions/case-study-08 | posted: 21.01.08

The exhibition is not about individual icons of German design but instead traces the connecting lines that exist between different products with respect to their materials, function or technology. The exhibition will be on display during the imm cologne 2008 from January 14-21 on the Trade Fair Boulevard.

Link / www.imm-cologne.de
Serial / Do it yourshelf

Corian travelling exhibition

who/exhibitions/corian-travelling-exhibition | posted: 13.12.07

The BELUGA wine cooler, realized for the "Corian - 40 Years / 40 Designers" exhibition of Corian / DuPont during the Furniture Fair 2007 in Milan is now travelling around the world.

Next stops are:
Oslo (8. - 9. September 2007)
London (20. - 23. September 2007)
Prag (1. - 21. October 2007)
Paris (October to December 2007)
Barcelona (3. - 21. December 2007)

Link / 40/40 website
Unique / Beluga

Avverati - A Dream Come True

who/exhibitions/avverati-dream-come-true | posted: 11.12.07

The Salone Satellite celebrates its tenth edition with a large exhibition that affirms its original aim - to bring young creative talents into the bosom of production. A Dream Come True - From Inception to Production: literally hundreds of products initially shown as prototypes at the various editions of SaloneSatellite that went on to be featured in the catalogues of prestigious firms. One of SaloneSatellite's greatest achievements has been the huge assortment of pieces that began life here as prototypes and then went into production, the greatest recognition to which a young designer can possibly aspire. on to be featured in the catalogues of prestigious firms. One of SaloneSatellite's greatest achievements has been the huge assortment of pieces that began life here as prototypes and then went into production, the greatest recognition to which a young designer can possibly aspire.

Serial / Rotor
Serial / Spira
Serial / Bantam

Corian-40 Years/40 Designers

who/exhibitions/corian-40-years40-designers | posted: 10.12.07

Corian®: 40 Years / 40 Designers is a travelling exhibition of new objects for home or office conceived by 40 designers from all over the world, organised by DuPont to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of Corian® and to recognise the contribution made by designers to the material's evolution.

Link / 40/40 website
Unique / Beluga

Materialica design show

who/exhibitions/materialica-design-show | posted: 18.08.09

The winners of the Materialica Design Award are awarded with their prize at the Materialica Design Show which is part of the Materialica Trade Fair, Munich

Link / www.materialicadesign.de
Unique / Groove
Research&Development / Thermoformed tabletop

Blickfang Price Winners

who/exhibitions/blickfang-price-winners | posted: 18.08.09

Exhibition about the Price Winners of the last 10 years, Blickfang Zurich

Serial / Rotor
Serial / Bantam

Stylepark in Residence

who/exhibitions/stylepark-residence | posted: 18.08.09

In words, in pictures, in interviews, in lectures and, as a centerpiece, in the presentation of 19 manufacturers you can experience new departures, creativity, fun, provocation and unconventional combinations. There is a huge diversity of themes and creative discussions just waiting to be discovered. Designexhibition at the International Furniture Fair, Cologne

Unique / Substance

Criss & Cross

who/exhibitions/criss-cross | posted: 18.08.09

"Criss & Cross", Exhibition, Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur
"Contrasts", Exhibition, International Furniture Fair, Milano

Contact the cooks

who/exhibitions/contact-cooks | posted: 18.08.09

"Deutschlandreise international", Passagen, IMM, Cologne
"C-Moebel.net", Passagen, IMM, Cologne "Swiss Design", Exhibition, Totem Gallery, New York
"Contact the cooks", Designmai Berlin "Swiss Design", Exhibition, Architectural biennale, Sao Paulo

Spin off

who/exhibitions/spin | posted: 18.08.09

"Spin off", Exhibition, IMM, Cologne "SaloneSatellite", Milano
"Biennale Internationale Design", St.Etienne
"Puls", Exhibition at "Designerssaturday", Langenthal

cDIM 01

who/exhibitions/cdim-01 | posted: 18.08.09

"SaloneSatellite",Furniture Fair, Milano "Puls", Exhibition at the "Neue Räume 01", Zurich
"cDIM 01", Exhibition, Museum of modern Art, Valencia


who/exhibitions/interieur | posted: 18.08.09

"smi", Swiss International Furniture Fair , Zurich

"Interieur",Exhibition, Kortrijk


who/exhibitions/blickfang | posted: 18.08.09

"Blickfang", Exhibition, Zurich