Max Borka, Design critic and curator

who/statements/max-borka-design-critic-and-curator | posted: 04.12.07

I don't know of any other designer who starts talking with such great passion about his love for his wife, children and old and new friends, each time you meet him, and ask him about his work, only to switch roles a few minutes later, and ask about the latest evolution in your private life, over an alarmingly growing number of verres d'amitié. Beat's first and foremost material is not his astonishing technological knowledge, but a deep concern, gusto, warmth and enthusiasm, striving for that happiness that should be any designer's ultimate goal, but unfortunately isn't.

Roberto Gavazzi, Managing director Boffi

who/statements/roberto-gavazzi-managing-director-boffi | posted: 28.11.07

I have been there with my Creative Director - Piero Lissoni - and we both very much liked Beat Karrer's Designs right off. The quality is outstanding and the ideas are just brilliant. Beat is an excellent Industrial Designer with a strongly developed sense of exclusive, challenging materials and well reasoned functions.

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Anders Englund, Design manager Offecct

who/statements/anders-englund-design-manager-offecct | posted: 26.11.07

"Beat is one of the few that I know that could see a gap in a collection and make a design that connects to the brand. Design is so much more than the surface it is all about the timing and the relation to the rest of the world and I think Beat Karrer is one of the future "strategic" designers that will make the wheel spin to a good looking future for the human needs"

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Nils Holger Moormann, Managing director Moormann Möbel

who/statements/nils-holger-moormann-managing-director-moormann-m-bel | posted: 13.11.07

"Hey, Uncle Karrer - The fact that you are an offbeat, eccentric and humorous character, makes you likable. The fact that you are in hot pursuit of design with skill and intrepid persistence, means that you are a serious partner."

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Knut Hornbogen, Journalist

who/statements/knut-hornbogen-journalist | posted: 05.11.07

(...) Since receiving his first prize for design three years ago, the design world has been observing one of the most innovative heads in Switzerland with great interest. (...)