design/serial/napfnapf | posted: 17.09.09

NAPFNAPF is a double-sided suction cup made of food-safe silicon and it enables any kind of plate to be fixed firmly to the table - making sure that the food ends up in the child's stomach and not on the floor. With its suction power NAPFNAPF holds the plate down reliably on all smooth table tops until the end of the meal. As a material silicon is heat resistant, hygienic and food safe, and it is easy to clean with soap and water. NAPFNAPF will fit into any handbag and can be taken to any place where parents are not likely to find facilities for children. It enables the use of normal china plates, which protects children from contact with plasticisers and other chemical additives in plastic plates and crockery which could get into food. The set contains 3 NAPFNAPFs in vivid blue, orange and green.

Team: Beat Karrer, Annina Gähwiler, Gabriela Chicherio

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