design/serial/nightshade | posted: 20.08.09

The patented reflector NIGHTSHADE was developed particularly for the outdoor luminaire "Public light" of the company Burri. "Public Light" is extremely stable owing to an innovative attachment of the lampshade and needs minimal maintenance expenditure. The most essential task of an outdoor luminaire is to illuminate and to direct, without blinding. Thanks to the newly developed principle of controlling the light, NIGHTSHADE minimizes light contamination and achieves a high efficiency as well as a targeted light distribution. And last but not least NIGHTSHADE gives the luminaire its distinctive appearance.

Team: Beat Karrer, Gabriela Chicherio

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Research&Development / Innovative reflector
Award / 2008
News / Shortlisted at lights of the future
News / Seen in Hong Kong
Exhibitions / Zero carbon design exhibition
News / On display in Shanghai